Osi Umenyiora On Mark Cuban: “I’m Crossing The Street Too”


Atlanta Falcons pass rusher Osu Umenyiora weighed in on the Mark Cuban bigotry topic on Thursday, and the former Giants pass rusher agreed with the Mavs owner,  that he also would cross the street if he saw a black guy with a hoodie approaching.


 I understand the point Cuban was trying to make, he just projected it wrong.  Depending on what city you’re in or the neighborhood, you may or may not have time to cross the street.  What I do know is that one time or another, we all have spotted a shady looking character approaching coming up the block, and decided to make a business decision. 



One thought on “Osi Umenyiora On Mark Cuban: “I’m Crossing The Street Too”

  • I don’t blame Osi or Mark. If I see a black guy in a hoodie at night, i’m RUNNING to cross the street. Mark should have used a better choice of words, but overall his point is 100% valid.

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