Pacers Says They Are Tired of the Media and Rumors


The Pacers are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

They brought all of this on themselves. If they didn’t fall apart toward the end of the season and then struggled to beat the Atlanta Hawks, no one would be talking about them.

But here is what they had to say.

“I’m just getting tired of the media and these stories,” Paul George said. “I’m just putting everything to bed and to rest.”

“You guys keep making up stories,” Hill said. “We’re just trying to focus and letting Roy know through all this BS that is going on, the rumors and everything like that, that we’re all brothers. This locker room is a tight group and we’re going to continue to be there for each other even when people are trying to break it apart.”

Some of the stories are true like Paul George’s stripper baby mama and others like PG sleeping with Hibbert’s lady are a little more shaky.

Best thing for Pacers to do is win and everything will work itself out.