Pacers Starters Scored 93 of 95 Points in Game 4 Win


There’s a belief around the NBA that to win in today’s league, you need depth on your roster. This becomes especially important during long seven game series in the playoffs. Well, unless you’re the Indiana Pacers.

In last night’s game 4 comeback win over the Washington Wizards, the Pacers bench produced all of two points.

The Indiana starters scored a whopping 93 of the teams 95 points for the game, and despite being their bench being outscored 32-2 for the game, the Pacers were able to leave Washington DC with a 3-1 series lead.

The Pacers have relied heavily on their starters, and that was evident during Game 4. No Indiana bench player had more than 11 minutes of action off the pine, and all five Pacer starters played at least 37 minutes.

Paul George lead the Pacers with 39 points (26 in the second half) and 12 rebounds, playing all but 90 seconds of the win.