Paul George Says Pacers Outplayed The Heat in Game 4


I get what he is trying to say.

The Pacers lost by 12 and The Heat were +19 in Free Throws made, but……….

Getting to the foul line is a part of the game. It means you are the more aggressive team and that is why the Heat got to the foul line because they were attacking the Pacers from all angles. Pacers need to stop making excuses and deal with the reality. The stat sheets also shows the Heat only had 5 turnovers to the Pacers 14.

Regardless if PG thought the Pacers played better than the Heat, the reality is they lost the game and moral victories aren’t going to help them going into Game 5.

5 thoughts on “Paul George Says Pacers Outplayed The Heat in Game 4

  • After that statement, they need to give PG a drug test!
    Indiana showed time after time that they fold under pressure.They don’t close out the quarters with any confidence.The only player that plays with any heart is David West, and sometimes Stevenson. You can normally tell how Stevenson is gonna play by the first time he touches the ball. Sure George scores whatever he scores but if you want to be considered a star you have to bring it, make your presence known. I don’t think Miami even constructs a defensive plan for George because he’s really nothing to worry about if no one else is having a good game.

    • u r soooooooooooo right ON !
      dude is getting beat…..stop the smack !

  • What planet is Paul George living on?!

  • I guess this little bro vs big bro thing they got going on is no different than the Manning Brothers. Mybe they shud take a look into that rivelry and see how it’s done. The Pacers may win a game or two maybe three vs the Heat but they will not beat them for a EC Finals Championship.

    • Yes, due to referee… From the time the heat big 3 was form the referee join them… Not only PG complain but this great coach as well (Doug, Doc, Pop)… NBA sucks.

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