Paul George’s Stripper Gives Birth to His Daughter on His BDay (Photos)

Paul George Baby Mama

Paul George has another reason to celebrate, in addition to his 24th birthday. His estranged stripper baby mama, Daniela has given birth to their baby girl.

Daniela wasted no time posting pictures of the bundle of joy on her Instagram page @_Srbijanka on Friday.

paul george baby daughter


Paul George and Daniela were involved in a long back and forth spat–well, really Paul George was battling solo seemingly, denying to the high heavens that he was the father, before finally admitting such. Daniela meanwhile flooded social media with pregnant half-naked selfies in full YOLO mode.

Let’s just hope he handles his responsibilities both on and off the court.


2 thoughts on “Paul George’s Stripper Gives Birth to His Daughter on His BDay (Photos)

  • Stripper? They had sex. More like Prostitute.

  • On second thought, I see how idiotic my previous comment was. I now realize
    that I don’t know what the fuck I am talking about when it comes to the women in
    pro athletes’ lives. It’s sad, but the media brainwashed me into thinking that women who strip
    for a living deserve to be called names, while the men who visit the clubs where these women
    work are poor innocent fools who get swindled by these women. Again, I was being an idiot. I’ll think before I type next time.

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