PG Says Lance Should Chill; Stephenson Says He Doesn’t Care About Bron


The Pacers maybe should focus on themselves and not trying to get into LeBron’s head, because that isn’t working at all.

PG is trying to get Lance to chill on the comments.

“Lance is genuine,” Pacers forward Paul George said. “Sometimes he needs to keep things more in house and be a little more modest.”

“He’s doing it to the wrong guy. He’s barking up the wrong tree. LeBron is the same way, he feeds off that kind of energy,” he said.

Stephenson predictably says he isn’t going to change.

“I don’t mind it, I don’t care how [LeBron] feels. I’m up for any challenge,” Stephenson said. “I love it when people challenge me, I like to bring out the best in people. That’s how I am, I have to get the win tonight. When I talk junk, it makes me happier in my job. I like the challenge, I like to force myself to do my job.”

Chris Bosh had the best quote about the entire situation.

“It’s LeBron, he’s the best player in the world,” Chris Bosh said. “If [Stephenson] getting it in his head is averaging 27 points, I hope he stays there.”