Phone Rihanna Broke at Clippers Game Sells for $67K

Rihanna Broker Phone Sells

Either someone has way too much disposable cash or is way too obsessed with Rihanna.

The pop star sat next to LA police commission president Steve Soroboff at a recent Clippers game.  When Soroboff understandably asked to take a picture with the rebel songstress she accidentally broke the screen on the phone.   But don’t fret for Steve, he sold the phone on Ebay for $66,500.

[NY Daily News]

“Half of the money raised will go toward the LAPD Cadet program crisis,” Soboroff wrote on his auction listing. “The other half of the money will go towards the Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation, to support the families of fallen officers. We have tragically lost five officers since March 7, 2014.”

“Thank you Rihanna and all of her wonderful fans who have made this story go viral, and for your interest in supporting the Los Angeles Police Foundation,” he continued.

Rihanna, who apologized and donated $25,000 to a police charity after the incident, also signed the phone: “Sorry! I (heart) LAPD. Rihanna.”

I’m sure the person who bid on the phone will get a tax write off since the funds will be donated to nonprofits.  Looks like in the end everyone won.

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