Ray Allen Calls Lance Stephenson Affection Towards Bron “Buffoonery”

Erik Spoelstra praises Ray Allen

That is a little harsh coming from Jesus.

Creepy yes, silly absolutely, don’t know if I’d call it buffoonery, but here is what Sugar Ray had to say courtesy of Bleacher Report.

“No, it’s just buffoonery,” Allen said. “As players, we just are professional, we come out and do our jobs. He’s young. He’ll grow up.”

Allen said that there are unwritten rules—and certainly, what Stephenson did to James would seem to violate one of them.

“But, again, it’s not going to throw us off from what we’re gonna do,” Allen said. “We know what our plays are. He makes himself look bad. We’ve just got to do our job.”

Stephenson is like a fly in the room, annoying, but virtual harmless. We will see what happens when the Heat and Pacers get back to Miami.