Redskins Twitter Acct Attempt at #RedskinsPride Hashtag Backfires

Redskins Name Change

In an effort to combat Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid’s attempt to force a Redskins name change, Washington’s PR team decided to launch a #RedskinsPride social media campaign that encouraged fans to show support for the team name.

Unfortunately, the result wasn’t what the team expected and even helped out Senator Reid’s cause.

It looks like the Redskins are going to fight this tooth and nail to no avail. I expect they will be forced to change the name within the next year or two.

H/T: CBS Sports

3 thoughts on “Redskins Twitter Acct Attempt at #RedskinsPride Hashtag Backfires

  • And I expect that within the next few years we will be forced to use a vocabulary that resembles Newspeak from 1984. Thanks PC police.

  • All this shows me is there are a lot of angry non-Indians around. Let’s rename the team the Thinskins since that is what our kindergarten country has become.

  • Forced to change the name? Good freaking God, are you serious Vashti? Where does your thought process come from? What happened to tolerance and freedom? Replaced by PC police?

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