Report: Bucs To Draft Johnny Manziel If They Trade Up


The Cleveland Browns may not love Johnny Manziel anymore, but Lovie Smith and the Tampa Buccaneers apparently do.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Buccaneers are reportedly smitten with Manziel.  It was first reported that the Bucs might target Sammy Watkins to replace Mike Williams along side Vincent Jackson.

Now reports suggest that Bucs would indeed select Manziel if they made the trade with the Rams to move up from the 7th pick.

As we currently understand it, the Buccaneers would be making the move not for Watkins, but for Manziel.

It’s not known whether a deal is close or even doable.  Two years ago, the Rams got the sixth overall pick, two more first-round selections, and a second-round pick from Washington for the ability to select Robert Griffin III.

This is ratings gold for ESPN and the NFL Network, because the early part of this draft will focus solely on Manziel.