Report: Hawks Interested in Greg Monroe

Greg Monroe

With Joe Dumars no longer calling the shots in Detroit, it’s a big off-season for the Pistons as they look to return to the glory days of NBA titles and multiple conference finals appearances. And after such a poor season, there are more question marks than answers.

One of the bigger issues is just what exactly Detroit will do with their talented front line. I think this season showed us just how valuable spacing is, specifically when you try to play a lineup of Monroe, Josh Smith, and Andre Drummond together. With both Drummond and Smith locked up long-term, the attention shifts to Monroe who is a restricted free agent.

Regardless of how the Pistons are feeling, Monroe will have suitors. Reportedly, the Hawks are in the mix.

Per ESPN via CBSsports:

There have been some recent rumbles on the personnel grapevine that the Hawks will lob themselves into the bidding for Detroit Pistons restricted free agent Greg Monroe.

The close ties between Monroe’s agent, David Falk, and Falk’s former star client Ferry make such rumbles inevitable.

Whether that chatter morphs into full-fledged courtship remains to be seen.

There are rumbles that Monroe will be looking for a max deal, so we’ll see what unfolds as the off-season commences.