Report: Jazz Will Ask John Stockton If He Wants to Coach


Trey Burke and Alec Burks work with John Stockton.


The Utah Jazz are getting closer to being ready to reach out to potential head coaches. They fired Tyrone Corbin after three season and will likely need to go off the board a bit to find their next leader. According to Marc Stein, they will gauge the interest of former Jazz great John Stockton:

Sources told that Jazz officials intend to at least pose the question to the Hall of Fame guard about his willingness to move into coaching, while mindful of Stockton’s lack of previous coaching experience and the fact that he has long loathed the sort of spotlight associated with the job.

I could see Stockton being a good coach when it just comes to the x’s and o’s. However, the reason we know so little about Stockton is because he never really like doing media stuff and would likely not be thrilled about the front office asking him to do those sorts of things as a coach.

Who knows though, maybe he would warm up to it and make a fine coach. It’s not a bad idea to at least ask his thoughts if you are the Jazz.