Report: Josh Gordon Likely To Be Suspended Between 8-16 Games


Peter King of TheMMQB, is reporting that Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is likely to be suspended eight to 16 games for failing another league mandated drug test.

Last June, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that Gordon was in Stage 3 of the league’s substance abuse program. If that remains the case, the minimum suspension is one year — after a which a player must apply for reinstatement. Of course, Gordon’s camp will appeal and likely try to argue their client should have been in Stage 2. A violation at that point comes with a 4-6 game ban. Either way, it’s mind-blowing Gordon couldn’t stay clean even with the incentive of his first mammoth contract at the end of the rainbow.

Gordon’s belief that he should only be in stage 2 of the program is likely the only thing that can prevent him from missing an entire year of football.