Report: Kevin Garnett to Return to Nets Next Season

Kevin Garnett Face

Two reasons why KG would come back.

1- KG loves to play basketball.

2- He’s owed $12 million.

Here is what CBS Sports breakdown on why KG is looking to return.

Garnett has nothing left to prove in this league, but has wanted to make one more run for a second title. There have been questions about whether this would be KG’s last year, questions Garnett himself has not answered. But the New York Post reports that “all indications” are that the Ticket will return for the final year of his deal at $12 million.

Still, all indications have been — despite the drop in production this season — Garnett will be back in Brooklyn for what would be the 20th season of his stellar NBA career. The fact is $12 million is an awful lot of money – no matter how much you’ve made in the past – and after playing much, much better over the final few months of the season, it would be easy to see Garnett agreeing to rejoin Pierce for one final season in Brooklyn before riding off into the sunset next summer.

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