Report: Kobe Wants Tom Thibodeau To Coach Lakers


Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak is not paying Kobe Bryant $48 million over the next two seasons to not confer with him about who the next coach of the team will be.

I think a huge part of Mike D’Antoni resigning was due in part to Bryant saying that he didn’t  want to play for D’Antoni anymore.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski, Kobe has a wish list of coaches he could see drawing plays on the Lakers bench.  Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau is at the top of that list.

The Lakers have lost talent, lost stability, lost what separates winning and losing franchises. Bryant won’t pick the next coach, the way he had no input into Mike Brown and little into D’Antoni. Bryant will wish for Tom Thibodeau to free himself from Chicago. He loves Jeff Van Gundy, and shares management’s affinity for Euro legend Ettore Messina, who spent a season on Mike Brown’s staff.

Bryant has long admired Byron Scott, but there’s a different ex-Lakers guard who could go much further to regenerate the franchise’s culture and hold the insight into getting the most out of Bryant’s final two seasons:Derek Fisher.

I don’t know if Thibodeau is Hollywood enough for Hollywood, and he’s still under contract with the Bulls.  Fisher definitely has the mental makeup to be a successful coach, but he seems like the front office type.

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  • Who gives a F#!k what Kobe wants, do whats right for the team, Kobe will be lucky to see the court again in the brief amount of time left of his career.

    • …hate much…?!?!

  • The Black Minnow is over the heal, move on old timer!

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