Report: Lakers Interested In Kevin Ollie

Lakers interested in Kevin Ollie.

Coaches are lining up for the prestigious Lakers job as we speak. Soon after Mike D’Antoni called it quits, multiple people have expressed interest. The list includes Steve Kerr, Lionel Hollins and Byron Scott.

However, the sexy hire would be UCONN’s head coach Kevin Ollie. The National Championship coach went to high school at Crenshaw in Los Angeles.

Ollie has charisma, swagger and a great smile. He fits the look of a coach in Los Angeles, but that transition from college to NBA has been rough on guys in the past.


One thought on “Report: Lakers Interested In Kevin Ollie

  • While the lure of an NBA job might seem like the pinnacle of your career, Kevin took the UConn job (his “dream job”) with the understanding that he would continue the program with not just one National Championship, but as many as possible. His coaching style is perfect for molding college guys to succeed in life, not just for the NBA. Why would you want to coach overpriced Prima Donnas in the cutthroat world of the NBA? Kevin…please don’t leave UConn!!!

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