Report: Marlins Jose Fernandez to Have Tommy John Surgery



The Miami Marlins are having their worst nightmare come to fruition. Their young ace pitcher Jose Fernandez will have to undergo Tommy John surgery to correct an ulnar collateral ligament tear in his right elbow. The surgery will take place is L.A. by surgeon Neal El Attrache of the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic. Marlins President Mike Hill addressed the media about the catastrophe with the following:

“Hopefully we can make that call and get things set up and get it taken care of,” Hill said. “Generally it’s a 12- to 18-month rehab with Tommy John surgery. From what our doctors saw, they did not want to go the rehab route. They felt surgery was the best option.

“They said [the tear] was clean and his elbow looked very good aside from the torn ligament. Hopefully we can get that repaired and get him back on the road to recovery. This is a surgery so there’s obviously risk, but with the technology and the success rate of the Tommy John procedure, we’re hopeful he’ll come back and be better than ever and comparable to the Jose we’ve seen perform the last year-plus.” 

Hill added that Fernandez was “shaken up” over the diagnosis, but he’s “coming to grips” with what’s ahead.

Fernandez is still only 21, and this appears to be his first major injury. It certainly isn’t a place where any young pitcher wants to be, but improved advances in technology have made the surgery much more successful once the rehab is completed.

[h/t Sun Sentinel]