Report: Police Say MLB Knew Biogenesis Documents Were Stolen


Although Alex Rodriguez has withdrawn the lawsuit he filed MLB for their corruption in during the Biogenesis investigation, it was notable that the suit claimed that MLB knowingly obtained stolen documents that eventually were used to bring down the hammer on several MLB players and Biogenesis. MLB has vehemently denied that under no circumstances were they aware that any of the documents were stolen.

“We have stated repeatedly that we had no knowledge that the documents we purchased were stolen,” MLB senior vice president of public relations Pat Courtney said Friday when contacted by Newsday about the Boca Raton police report.

However, Boca Raton Detective Terrence Payne makes it very clear in his write-up of the investigation that MLB was lying when they denied ever knowing about any stolen documents used in their investigation.

According to his report, a Department of Health investigator told Payne that he spoke with MLB investigators, including the recently-jettisoned Ed Dominguez, and told them “that files were stolen and they were not to take any actions.” (The health department was investigating Anthony Bosch for practicing medicine without a license.)

The eight-page report details the weirdo ins-and-outs of the Boca Raton tanning scene we’ve become familiar with and the extensive cast of characters. It seems each name at some point in time had their hands on some portion of copies—the originals were sold before Porter Fischer’s car was broken into—of documents MLB used to bring the hammer down on Biogenesis and its own players, making the chain of custody of the documents a nightmare to decipher.

As a result, Detective Payne determined probable cause did not exist to charge anyone with a criminal act, despite the involvement of “several MLB investigators.” This coupled with the “structural changes” of the investigative arm of MLB is further proof that MLB’s investigation was filthy.

So it seems that when the dust has settled MLB did in fact know that documents were stolen, but wanted to bring down Alex Rodriguez and the rest of the named players so badly that they ignored the law. It’s startling the lengths they went through to make sure they obtained the evidence they needed to bring down Biogenesis and players, yet no formal charges could be brought against anyone.

[h/t Deadspin, Newsday]

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  • I am not surprised. I felt throughout the release of names, etc. that it was a case of Selig, et al, just wanting to get these players, in particular, Ryan Braun, due to his winning his appeal previously. I can only imagine how Selig’s blood boiled when Braun’s appeal was a success. This undoubtedly led to a vindictive drive to get even.

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