Report: Warriors Kerr’s Job If He Wants It

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It has to be fun being the hot commodity in the NBA, Steve Kerr has his choice of high profile jobs for great teams like the Knicks, Lakers, Jazz and the Warriors but the question remains… which will he choose?

It has been rumored that this friday Kerr is going to make a decision concerning his future with a team but that doesn’t mean teams won’t try for the next two days to make their strongest cases. One in particular being the Warriors, they have told Kerr, the job is his, if he wants it. According to NY Daily News, ONLY three hours were wasted to contact Kerr after firing Mark.

According to a league source, Warriors owner Joe Lacob wants to hire Kerr to replace Mark Jackson, who was fired on Tuesday following three successful seasons as Golden State’s head coach. In fact, the Warriors wasted no time reaching out to Kerr, contacting him less than three hours after Jackson was dismissed. And a source maintains that the Warriors’ job is Kerr’s if he wants it.

Kerr has a tough decision on his hands, does he go with someone he’s familiar with in Jackson or take a chance with a budding superstar NBA team in the Warriors? While Kerr does have a few associates in the Warrior organization its nothing like eating $85 steaks with Phil Jackson. Kerr has expressed his wants in staying West with his home being in San Diego, so don’t be surprised come Friday if you hear a decision outside of NY Knicks.

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  • It amaze me that Steve Kerr has never coached a day in his life but everybody wants him. But just a year ago the same media questioned Jason Kidd’s hire.

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