RGIII Texted Jay Gruden To Draft Lache Seastrunk (Video)


At what point do you draw the line in player/coach relations? Especially when it comes to the draft?

RGIII is known to be active in Redskins decisions, it was made even more prevalent with the firing of Shanahan. When Jay Gruden was brought on board to be the new head coach for the Redskins, it was made sure that RGIII was happy with the decision. This leads us to the 2014 draft, Baylor RB Lache Seastrunk was still on the boards and when your teammate and friend is RGIII… be ready to have your name called.

At least Seastruck has high reviews from different critics so not just RGIII thinks he will be a great asset to the Redskins

One thought on “RGIII Texted Jay Gruden To Draft Lache Seastrunk (Video)

  • Regarding RGIII, the line should have been drawn last year. I firmly believe that Mr. Griffin needs to realize that this is a TEAM Sport and he is not the decision maker and certainly not in charge of the decisions that need to be made by the Head Coach, General Manager and Recruiters. Trying to find a reason to like this Quarterback, but it is getting harder everytime that I read about RG”ME”. How sad…

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