Rice Signs QB Recruit by Sending Letter to His Cat

J.T. Granato Rice Cat


I really hope this doesn’t start a trend of recruiting players animals so they come to your school. Rice got creative with their pitch to QB J.T. Granato who just committed to them. They sent a letter to his cat to help him come to Rice according to the Houston Chronicle:

As you know we’re trying to convince J.T. Rice is the place for him. I know you’d like to keep him close so he can feed you and change the litter box. Please help us to get him to choose us. Paw me if you have any questions.

This is pretty absurd but funny at the same time. It wouldn’t work for me to have my dog get a letter from a school but best of luck to Rice and Granato. Knowing the fun hating NCAA though, a new rule is coming quickly.