Roy Hibbert Says Expect a Different Roy Hibbert in Game 2


Roy Hibbert Wilt pic

It can’t get any worse for Hibbert, so at this point any new version of Hibbert, can’t be as bad as the current version.

His teammates are getting on him, the media is coming down on him and social media are killing him with memes and photoshops.

Here is what Hibbert had to say.

“I got to come out and be aggressive,” Hibbert said Monday night. “I got to be a different Roy Hibbert than I have been.”

“I’m going to change some things up for the second game,” said Hibbert, who took only two shots in Saturday’s loss. “I’m going to look within myself and go out there and figure it out.”

I don’t think Hibbert is a bad guy, he was always a little overrated and now the mental part is messing with his head.

We will see what happens in Game 2.