Roy Williams Added to List of Lakers Coaching Candidates


The Lakers are in the process of trying to find a new coach, and there have been several names thrown out there. The latest name to be added to list is North Carolina’s Roy Williams.

Williams has never coached in the NBA, so it’s uncertain if his success in college will transfer over to the professional level.

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2 thoughts on “Roy Williams Added to List of Lakers Coaching Candidates

  • How about Stu Lantz? He knows the Laker’s like a film in his mind and every time he see’s a problem during the broadcast, he impresses with his knowledge of the game and being an X Laker…I think he would be called a PLAYERS COACH.I know that doesn’t make him a coach, and I don’t know if he would even want the chance, but he couldn’t be any worse than what we’ve had lately and I think he would be an excellent choice!!!

  • I agree with larry,I though about stu when chickie baby was still alive rip.

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