‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs Donald Sterling (Video)


Saturday Night Live went there.

Saturday Night Live opened this weeks show with a Donald Sterling sketch that included Adam Silver, V. Stiviano and Dennis Rodman.


Sterling [skillfully depicted by a much younger Bobby Moynihan] said his reputation has gotten a real black eye, “which we know is the worst kind of eye.” Sterling tried to make peace with the black community during his speech, but things just got worse.

Sterling said he’s learning more about the black community by “watching Roots. That Quest Love is a talented actor.” Sterling introduced his new mistress [Sasheer Zamata], she’s “three-quarters black,” and still has plenty of NBA players who support him, includingDennis Rodman [Jay Pharoah].

“I’m above all a good judge of character and this the greatest man I’ve ever met, right up there with my brother, Kim Jong Il,” Rodman said.

One thought on “‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoofs Donald Sterling (Video)

  • When Saturday Night Live brings their A game, they’re funny as hell. This skit is a classic.

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