SEC Announces Record $309.6 Million Revenue


The Southeastern Conference has just announced a record breaking $309.6 million revenue for this fiscal year. The money will be split equally between the 14 member schools with each school receiving a little bit over $22 million.


Have to love amateurism.  At least now these schools should have no issue feeding their athletes unlimited meals.

2 thoughts on “SEC Announces Record $309.6 Million Revenue

  • The South Eastern Conference made over $300 million dollars. The student athletes made zero. This isn’t amateur athletics, this is exploitation at its worst!

  • I just can’t comprehend how these schools still refuse to pay these student athletes for athletic efforts, especially football, it’s too risky and college football needs to be unionized to take care of this travesty. The school gets endorsement deals, Tv deals, advertisements and sells jerseys, and the athlete gets nothing unless he’s like amazing or a top ten pickin the draft.

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