Spike Lee Documentary On Bridgewater Giving Mom Pink Cadillac (Video)

Teddy Bridgewater Mom Pink Escalade pink escalade bso bridgewater

The heartwarming backstory leading up to the touching scene of Teddy Bridgewater’s mother embracing her son after he fulfilled his childhood promise of buying his mother a Cadillac played out on film.

The subject of Spike Lee’s documentary A Promise 2 Rose, is a 7 minute documentary about Bridgewater’s journey to the pros. The Cadillac sponsored documentary ends with Teddy surprising his mom with the car.

In case, you were wondering how Bridgewater could afford such a gift–Cadillac was so inspired by the story of how Bridgewater promised to buy his mom a pink Escalade after she was diagnosed with breast cancer that they donated the car to her.