3 thoughts on “Stripper Hits Paul George With Paternity Suit

  • “Paul and Daniela saw each other a number of times over the course of a few months in Miami last summer”…wow …what a relationship……she was definitely going for the baby mama lottery and she won…lol

  • Another athlete caught up in baby mama drama. Will they ever learn? These girls don’t want a relationship, heck they don’t even really care if they help raise the child. All they want is the child support money. LB is right, looks she has definitely won the baby mama lottery.

    These athletes should either leave these women alone or strongly consider getting a vasectomy unless they are in a relationship with someone before they made it and they do want kids. That way if some woman claims he is the father of their child, he can be very confident he’s not because of the vasectomy.

    If the girl is really his, then he is on the hook for at least 18 years by someone I highly doubt he wants a serious relationship with. He says if it’s his daughter he will step up and help raise it and that is commendable. But I bet she couldn’t care less if George actually helped raise the child just as long as she getting that monthly child support check.

  • How stupid are they athelets? Has Paul ever heard of a condom? I continue to see this trend among men who obviously don’t have common sense or tact! Wake up!!!!!

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