T.O.’s Wife of 3 Days Selling Wedding Dress for $100 (Photo)

Rachel Snider Terrell Owens 5

Rachel Snider who we all met because she was married to Terrell Owens for the 3 days is officially moving on from T.O. She is selling her dress on Ebay to symbolize her being over it:

“I’m putting my wedding dress on eBay to sell,” Snider, a 33-year-old postal worker by trade, told Radar exclusively. “I’m making the statement of moving on.”

“I would rather make an exit respected,” she wrote, “than to be laughed at as a fool.”

In the description the former mail lady says the dress is perfect for curvy girls. I guess it’s better to just get over it and move on than to keep dragging this all out.



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  • She could have donated it to Goodwill or placed it with a consignment shop where privacy and discretion would rule the day. Placing it on EBay and sending out an announcement means she’s looking for attention.

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