Tiger Woods: Missing the Masters Wasn’t that Tough for Me


In my opinion, there are two kinds of golf fans in American right now. There are the diehard fans who enjoy the complexity of the game  and perhaps have played it themselves at some point in their lives. These fans watch most events and almost always will give their full attention when a Major championship is taking place.

Then there are the Tiger Woods golf fans. The fans who aren’t that enamored with the game itself, but are drawn in by Tiger’s huge star and find it fascinating when he is actually winning tournaments. There’s really nothing like the excitement felt when Woods is in contention on a late Sunday afternoon, and for the most part the ratings reflect that.

I would say I’m apart of the former group, but I can’t deny that things are always better when Tiger is in the mix. This past Masters was hard for some to watch without Tiger and the ratings reflected that, getting the lowest rating since 2004. Interestingly, although the Masters desperately missed Tiger, he didn’t miss the tournament that much at all. At least, according to his own website.

Not being able to play in the Masters for the first time wasn’t as hard for me as you might think. I’ve missed major championships before, so this was not a new experience. It helps when I’m physically unable to play the game. That’s when it’s easy for me, and I don’t have a problem watching.

Unfortunately, Tiger was quick to update us on the news of his back and it doesn’t sound great regarding his return.

As for my return to golf, I really don’t know. I’m doing everything I can and listening to my doctors and working on a strength program, and then we just have to see how my back is. Some people heal up in three months, some people take four months, some people take longer. I just don’t know.