Tiger Woods Getting Advice From Tony Romo

Tiger Woods of the US walks with Dallas

In his personal blog, Tiger Woods addresses his fans and supporters, updating them on his progress, since having microdiscectomy back surgery on March 31.

Among the updates involving his recovery, he took the opportunity to inform readers that he’s been speaking “a lot” with Dallas Cowboys QB, Tony Romo, who underwent the same surgery last December.

“Tony Romo had the exact same procedure as I did. I talked to him a lot about it because he was in a lot of pain after a game against the Washington Redskins. He just couldn’t function anymore”, Woods wrote.

No invasion of the human body is actually “minor”, however this form of an operation is definitely more on the serious side. With Woods being thirty-eight and Romo being thirty-four, the recoveries from such serious injuries will most likely take longer than if they were younger, but with the competitive attitude both athletes have shown throughout their careers, you can bet they are doing any and everything possible to get back to action.