Titans QB Loses Arm-Wrestling Match With Punter For Jersey Number


Newly-signed Titans QB Charlie Whitehurst has worn #6 his entire NFL career. Unfortunately for him, that number was already taken by punter Brett Kern.

Since Whitehurst is a third-stringer not bringing in the big bucks, buying a jersey number like most NFL players do was not an option.

So how did the QB and punter settle things? With an arm-wrestling contest of course.

As a quarterback in the NFL, your entire career (and earning potential) is based on just how much arm strength you have. So when a punter challenges a quarterback to arm-wrestling, smart money would be on the QB right?


Whitehurst’s caption for the photo says it all.

Arm-wrestled the punter for #6 and lost #itwasagoodrun6 #13years