Tony Romo: “There’s No QB Out there Who Can Take My Job”



Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had his opportunity to make the draft and the rest of the NFL offseason about him by selecting Johnny Manziel.

Jones held his ground, made a solid selecting with Zach Martin, and Manziel ended up in Cleveland.  Many critics and pundits wondered how Tony Romo felt about Jones’ enamoration with Manziel.

“We think Tony’s one of the top echelon quarterbacks in the NFL,” Stephen told Mad Dog Sports Radio’s Adam Schein on Wednesday. “We really felt like at the end of the day that he has four or five years left.”

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jones consulted Romo on his desire to possibly draft Manziel, and to no one’s shock, it didn’t faze Romo one bit.

When asked about his conversation with Jones, Romo wasn’t worried at all about his job security.

What did Romo say during his conversation with Stephen?

“Of course, his response, as you might expect from Tony,” Stephen said, “was, ‘Well, if you decide to, it ain’t going to matter, there’s no one out there who can beat me out.”

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