Twodel Tries to Expose Mario Chalmers with Cheating Photo

Mario Chalmers

Paul George can breathe a sigh of relief that for once the negative spotlight isn’t on him. Instead we turn our focus to Miami Heat’s Mario Chalmers. Someone has released a photo of Chalmers and a random woman taking a selfie where Chalmers is shirtless and allegedly so is the woman. Clearly someone has it out for Chalmers, but there are so many details of this picture that just don’t add up.

First, the picture is taken is a digital camera, but if you look closely, it looks like a very old digital camera. Besides that, in present day when phone cameras have become very advanced so not many people walk around with digital cameras anymore waiting for the opportunity to whip it out and take pictures. The other noticeable thing in the picture is that Chalmers is shirtless, but there isn’t a way to verify him actually being naked. The girl could be topless as well, or she could simply be wearing a low-cut strapless shirt.  Also Chalmers doesn’t have a tattoo on his arm, which he currently does now.

It’s obvious this is a case of a bitter person trying to get back at Chalmers, but it’s so easy for sites to take sometimes even the most harmless thing and run with it full speed ahead. The camera alone implies that this picture could’ve have been taken years ago or yesterday, but it appears it was years ago. What is certain is that someone is mad at Chalmers and attempting to make his life a little stressful. However, ladies please beware. If you’re trying to out someone and make them look stupid, make certain that you’re not the one who ends up in the corner with a dunce cap.


2 thoughts on “Twodel Tries to Expose Mario Chalmers with Cheating Photo

  • If I was an Athlete, I’d have a very strict NO CAMERAS and NO PHONES ALLOWED around me. How would that work, so i meet young lady at the club and we are about to head back to my crib/hotel room, then she’d have to relinquish her cellphone to me. As simple as that. “Go, ‘head and hand your phone to my man XXXX and he’ll give it back to you when you leave. If you can’t be without your phone then you don’t need to be around me. Punto.

  • How can you tell the woman is topless? The pic just looks Mario hangin with some chick he was sweet on, shouldn’t be a big deal.

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