Tyler Ennis Says He’s ‘Definitely’ Best PG In Draft

Tyler Ennis says he's the best point guard in the NBA.

Confidence can take you along way in the NBA. Just look at all the top players in the association, all of them have some type of swagger to them.

Former Syracuse point guard Tyler Ennis isn’t lacking in that department at all.

“Definitely,” Ennis said without hesitation when asked if he’s the best point guard in the class. “I think I have the ability to lead a team, I think I have the ability to make others better and I think I’m able to put those together into a true point guard, who is also able to score when my team needs me. There are a lot of guys who can really score the ball, maybe some who can score better than me, but none that can put together the whole package as a point guard better than I can in this draft.”

Critics questioned why Ennis left Syracuse after one season. Ennis will have to develop a consistent jumper and he’ll have to prove he can defend NBA point guards one-on-one, since we didn’t see that at Syracuse because of the 2-3 zone.