Usain Bolt $20k Cleats Stolen

Usain, Luck

Usain Bolt is no stranger when it comes to voicing his opinions and this time he’s speaking out against thieves who still some very important shoes.


The Puma cleats — which Bolt wore when he broke the world record for the 100m dash in 2009 — were SIGNED by Bolt himself and are reportedly worth more than $20,000. 

They reportedly went missing from a commercial building where they were being displayed — and moments ago, Bolt went to Twitter to shame the bad guys. 

“All you had to do was just ask me for one..No need to go stealing the ppl things..Come on now.”

Bolt then posted a pic showing him signing a new pair of shoes and wrote — “Only natural I sign sum spikes after one of my overly excited fan stole that one..FedEx straight to London later.”

So far, no arrests have been made.

Those shoes are more than just for monetary value, they hold a place in history. Hopefully the theives are caught and the shoes can be returned to their holding.