V. Stiviano Has Been Arrested 4 Times, 6 Aliases & Claims 5 Races

V. Stiviano 3

I don’t think anyone is shocked by this?

It is interesting how easily billionaires can get swindle by women. Power of the P!!!

Here is Stiviano rap sheet according to TMZ.

2002 — Stiviano was arrested by LAPD for petty theft.  The official documents — obtained by TMZ — show she was a 5’4″ 128 lb Hispanic woman named Vanessa Maria Perez.  She was convicted and placed on probation.

2004 — Stiviano was arrested by Santa Monica PD for another petty theft and felony burglary.  Her name was Vanessa Maria Perez (same as the first) but this time she’s taller and thinner — a 5’8″ 115 lb Hispanic woman.

2010 — Stiviano was arrested by LAPD for possession of a controlled substance — a felony.  This time she’s Vanessa Maria Perez again, but she’s black, weighing in at 5’7″ and 125 lbs.

2012 — Stiviano was busted by CHP for DUI.  This time she was booked as Monica Gallegos, a 5’7″ 110 lb black woman.  We don’t know the disposition.

In addition to Vanness Maria Perez and Monica Gallegos, court records show she also used the names Maria ValdezMaria Vanessa Perez and Mariamonica Perez Gallegos.  She’s currently going by V. Stiviano.

Basically, she’s a con artist, I am glad she helped exposing Sterling, but her hands aren’t clean in all this.


3 thoughts on “V. Stiviano Has Been Arrested 4 Times, 6 Aliases & Claims 5 Races

  • Too late to ask questions now. The masses ate her story up without question or scrutiny. Now what you all should ask is “what did I REALLY hear on that tape?” Guarantee you its not what you thought it was or were led to believe it was.

  • Good point ME. All things aside, I’d still bone her.

  • Tell me something, what does this have to do with Sterling being a racist ass!???! I’ll wait…
    From the reports listed it shows that the different law enforcement agencies do not know how to do their jobs if anything. lmao!!

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