Vince McMahon Lost $357 million on Thursday


Vince McMahon

There are a lot of wrestling puns going on right now about this story, but I think it can be basically summed up in this video.

Guyism has the particulars via Forbes.

WWE and NBC Universal announced a pending TV deal yesterday but monetary and length details were withheld. Investors acted accordingly and now WWE stock is dropping faster than John Cena’s popularity.

Even though WWE chairman and owner Vince McMahon talked up the deal like a PPV match, the pending deal failed to impress. The biggest issue — according to Forbes — is the albatross that’s dubbed the WWE Network.

The stock’s losses have also had a body-blow impact to Vince McMahon’s personal wealth: according to the FORBES real time wealth tracker, McMahon has lost $357 million, nearly a third of his fortune, since Thursday’s closing bell.

They are going to blame Daniel Bryan for this.


  1. I hope Vince McMahon goes broke! I hope WWE goes under. How many wrestlers have died because of Vince McMahon? How many employees were sexually assaulted by Vince, Pat Patterson and the other top executives? I’m sorry I ever watched one minute of wrestling. Vince McMahon has more blood on his hands than the thirty two owners of the NFL.

    • you sound SOOOOO stupid! I bet you a IWC nerd wrestlers died because of him sit yo dumb ass down

  2. having a 5’7″ champion will do that to a company. scripted or not, nobody over the age of 6 is interested in something that cartoonish.

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