Wes Welker Unfollows Man Who He Promised To Take To Horse Race


Welker, Luck


Wes Welker had a contest in 2012 on twitter that involved naming a horse he brought to race. The contest was, whomever can name the horse something he likes, he will fly them out to enjoy a race with him. Well apparently someone by the name of Nick Boyle gave him an awesome name, Move The Chains and Welker loved it.

Welker even tweeted about it — saying, “Congrats to @nickboyle70 for naming the new horse. Move The Chains DM ur phone #. And we will get everything set up for u.”

TMZ then updates:

A short time later, Welker contacted Boyle through direct messages on Twitter and wrote, “My agents should be contacting you today via email. The race will probably be a weekend in April.”

He added, “I will have the whole trip taken care of.”

A short time later, Welker explained to Boyle that he couldn’t use the name Move the Chains because someone swooped in on the naming rights — but still promised the all-expenses paid trip. The name was later changed to Undrafted … and the horse placed 2nd in a race at Churchill Downs this past weekend. 

Welker, Luck

Well fast forward to 2014, Boyle hasn’t heard from Welker and has even said Welker unfollower him on twitter.

“I’ve been disappointed for 2 years,” Boyle says … “When I won the contest I was really looking forward to naming the horse and hanging out with Wes at the track. He screwed me. I did nothing wrong.”

Its a horrible situation for Mr. Boyle, I can imagine his disappointment but Im hoping that Welker didn’t do this out of intent. With a passing of two years, I’m sure he forgot the situation. Lets hope Welker sees the story and is reminded of the incident so he can provide the fan with some type of sentiment. This a situation that can be handled with swift action, I’m sure a ticket to a game with some awesome seats can help remedy.

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