WKU LB Tries To Fight Cops, Gets Black Eye (Mugshot)

nick holt fight cops mugshot

This isn’t a good way for the a coaches son to act. Western Kentucky linebacker Nick Holt who is the son of the team’s defensive coordinator was arrested on charges of alcohol intoxication in a public place, resisting arrest and second-degree disorderly conduct Wednesday. Here are the details from the police report:

Officers responded to a disturbance between private security guards and Holt during a party at 1302 State St. Holt, wearing a black cut-off shirt and orange and white shorts, had been asked to leave the party several times. Security guard Jay Armfield “nearly had to pepper spray” Holt after he threatened Armfield. Holt constantly screamed and cursed at police and patrons.

Holt refused to get in the police cruiser and continued to yell obscenities.

In a continued report filed by Bowling Green police Detective Matt Davis, Davis and Officer Blake Allen grabbed Holt, and he and refused arrest. The report states Holt thew his back into police, knocked Allen into the shrubs and was taken to the ground face-first by Davis and handcuffed by Allen.

The school says they are aware of the situation and they are gathering the facts. No matter how this turns out, remember that it is never a good idea under an circumstance to fight with or yell at cops. I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that but it looks like this lesson needs to be taught.