50 Guards & 2 Armored Cars Protecting Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo)


Normally I would consider this is overkill but I don’t think the Portugese Football Association can afford to take any chances in Brazil.

According to 101 Great Goals, Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates are getting presidential protection while at the World Cup.

MARCA have revealed the extent of the security operation, deployed as a defence against the protesters on the streets of Brazil – and it’s simply staggering.

Three different security forces are protecting Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal at the World Cup: the Policía Federal brasileña, la Militar de Sao Paulo, and the Brazilian Army.

MARCA say that the Portuguese FA don’t want to reveal exactly how many men are manning the Portuguese team premises in their Sao Paulo base, but that there always at least 15 members surveilling the area at any given time.

As for their cops of men and equipment, it’s incredible: MARCA report that a minimum of 50 bodyguards are accompanying Cristiano Ronaldo at any moment, and that in order for the team to move from one place to the next, they count on: 2 armored vehicles, 9 motorcycle escorts, a helicopter, and the help of the Sao Paulo Traffic Police.

As an extreme security measure, Ronaldo’s family members – who accompany him on all of his big trips – were advised not to travel to Brazil, and will only do so at the later stages if Portugal make it that far.

Got to protect your investment.