Aaron Hernandez Demanding Medical Records from Pats


Former Patriots star Aaron Hernandez is pressing the team for medical records while he played for them. Attorneys for Hernandez are now claiming that they need to have these files as part of their case and want a judge to issue a subpoena for all of Hernandez’s relevant records.

“The records maintained by the New England Patriots regarding Hernandez are potentially evidentiary and relevant in this case in that they may bear upon his circumstances and state-of-mind prior to the alleged offense, as well as his physical and mental state at the time,” the filing reads.

If the subpoena is granted, Hernandez’s attorneys are asking that the Patriots be given a deadline of 30 days for all medical records. It’s very strange that the Patriots are blatantly refusing to hand over Hernandez’s records. You would think someone can access their medical records at any time that they please. However, it seems that the team is doing their best not to aid the defense in any way.

According to the Heath IT there are some exceptions to the rule that you can at any time access your medical records, but there is nowhere that explicitly states what the exceptions are. It will be interesting to see if the Patriots organization falls into the exception category in this matter.

[h/t Boston Herald, Health IT]