Adam Silver Doesn’t Believe Sterling Issues Are Completely Over


Adam Silver CNN interview

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver feels like the battle with Donald Sterling will not settle with the Clippers sale to Steve Ballmer.

According to FortheWin, in an interview on CNN’s “New Day,” Silver pointed out that Donald Sterling hadn’t actually withdrawn the lawsuit he filed against the NBA for $1billion in damages.

“You know, I don’t have any feeling about it yet because it’s not done,” he said, according to CNN. “Donald Sterling still has a billion dollar lawsuit filed against the league, against me personally. I’m not so worried about that, because I can’t afford it, but– hey, there’s still a last issue to resolve and that is Donald dropping his lawsuit and resolving his former issues with his wife.”

Silver is still waiting to see when it comes to Sterling

“Absolutely. I’ve been there with him before,” he said. “He’s unsold his club several times over the years. There’s well noted– incidents in the league when he was right there at a closing and at the last minute decided not to sell. And until he signs that document, we still have a pending litigation with him.”

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