Adrian Peterson Feels He’s the Best Player in the NFL



The NFL Network is in the middle of counting down the top 100 players in the league based of fan and player voting, and the player who finished in the No.1 spot in last year’s ranking, Adrian Peterson, wants everyone to know that even though he doesn’t think he’ll end up at the top of this year’s poll, he still considers himself the best player in the game.

“One,” he said. “I feel I’m the best.”

Peterson, though, acknowledged he doesn’t expect to end up there.

“Peyton (Manning) will be 1, of course,” he said. “The MVP will be 1.”

That’s a pretty safe assumption from Peterson, especially when you look at the record setting season Peyton Manning had last year with the Broncos. AP also responded to LeSean McCoy’s claim that he himself is the best running back in the NFL, after winning the rushing crown last season with 1,607 yards (Peterson finished with 1,266 but missed games due to injury).

“He’s going to have to work extremely hard to surpass me,” Peterson said. “As a young guy, he’s making his name and he’s trying to stake his claim. But numbers don’t lie.”

Those numbers—2,097 yards in 2012, AP’s 6,752 yards vs. McCoy’s 5,473 yards in their first five seasons—really shoot a bunch of holes in Shady’s argument that he’s the best running back in the game, don’t they?

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