Adrian Peterson Says Vikings Fans Will Miss Him If He Leaves


AP, Luck


No one wants to envision their career ending or trading teams, especially when you appreciate and love where you are but Minnesota Vikings Adrian Peterson is doing so. While he can’t imagine playing for another team, he realizes the NFL is a business first and knows that when he becomes a free agent in a few years, he could be anywhere. In a recent interview with USA Today, Peterson answered some heavy questions regarding his former teammates, Percy Harvin and Jared Allen,  and what he think would happen if he was no longer a Viking.

“You couldn’t have told me that at least two or three of those guys (Harvin and Allen) wouldn’t still be here,” Peterson said. “It just goes to show how the business is. Ultimately, the organization is going to do what they feel is best for their team.

“People will know that this guy gave his heart for this organization. I think the organization would take a heavy hit — for real — more so from the fan base. I don’t think it would be like a LeBron James situation where they’re burning my jersey, this, that and the other. They might be doing the opposite and not buying some season tickets.”

Peterson has undeniably been one of the more notable faces of the Vikings. While an aging running back isn’t high on teams list, Peterson’s talent and field presence is sure to outweigh his age. No one wants to say they can’t imagine him elsewhere because the NFL is and always will be a business first. However, keeping Peterson attached to the team even as a back up to a young talent can benefit the Vikings in the long run. The Vikings will do whats best for their organization when the times comes in dealing with Peterson. Peterson’s contract runs through 2017, has three years to cross this bridge, his future thoughts should be on this upcoming season and how he can take this team and make them Super Bowl worthy.

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