Anonymous OKC Source Says Derek Fisher Gives “Eye Rolling” Speeches

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According to Marc Berman, of the New York Post, new Knicks head coach, Derek Fisher may need to tinker with the way he goes about addressing his team, now that he is a coach rather than a player.

An anonymous Oklahoma City source had this to say about Fisher’s style of speeches:

“The thing that worries me about Derek as a coach is it’s one thing to give speeches as a player because it’s unique,” the source said. “But the players don’t want to hear long speeches from the coach every day during the season. Players may roll their eyes. Hopefully, Phil will guide him there.’’

Obviously, Fisher will need to make proper adjustments as he makes the transition from point guard to bench general. If his messages are too drawn out too early, players could lose focus if the wins aren’t coming in. However, I think we should let him have his first day on the job before we can truly have an educated opinion.

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