Barkley: Melo Joining Heat Would Be A Travesty (Video)

chuck, luckCharles Barkley has never shied away from giving his personal opinion on the world of basketball but when it comes to the Heat, he has a certain dislike for them. With rumors swirling of the Heat making a go at Carmelo Anthony, Barkley expressed extreme distaste if the scenario happened.

Personally, I agree with Barkley. Talent needs to be spread out in the NBA instead of everybody joining a super team. I have seen some of the best basketball finals in years and most of that is due to the different dynamics of the teams having a star in their own right. I hope Melo lands in Chicago and return the Bulls back to their days of glory because they are only missing a little spark.

Next season of the NBA is going to be a great one.

One thought on “Barkley: Melo Joining Heat Would Be A Travesty (Video)

  • I have certain dislike for Barkley too. Some oh the old heads sound bitter and petty at times. These are the new rules for every team deal with it

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