3 thoughts on “Bball Wives Jackie Christie Leaks Naked Pic No One Wanted to See

  • Speak for yourself…..her boobs look good to me….IJS

  • I’m not sure why you feel that no one would want to see Jackie Christie nude because she has a grown woman body instead of those skinny underdeveloped bodies that are frequently on your site. Look at the skinny body of the Russian reporter or skinny Russian twerkers with no curves or look at the skinny no curve girls in the sexy USA images on your site. Yeah most white dudes like the no curves chicks but real brothers love curves. And Jackie Christie breasts are nice and juicy. Most brothers will take a grown woman worth curves over a no curve Chick anyday.

  • Amen to above.

    Rob don’t know sh*t because he’s a white man trapped in a black man’s body. Clown has been an oreo for so long, he doesn’t know nothin’ ’bout curves.

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