Bernard Pollard: Titans DC Transformed Defense Into Pit Bulls


The wording is terrible, but I understand what Bernard Pollard is trying to say.

The hard hitting safety from the Tennessee Titans is overly impressed with new defensive coordinator Ray Horton.  Pollard told the teams official website that Horton has changed the mentality of the defensive players in Tennessee, making them hungry to be more aggressive and more physical.

Pollard says Horton “transformed them from German Shepherds, to Pit Bulls and Rottweilers.”

“We were German shepherds in the training phase, but for some reason we transformed to pit bulls, to Rottweilers,” Pollard said. “Preferably, I want to be a lion, but there’s no lions over here, but I’ve got the heart.”

According to Pollard, the Titans have a killer instinct that they lacked before.

“We had some great plays, but you look at some games, and we didn’t step on the throat when we were supposed to,” Pollard said. “We didn’t finish it off when we were supposed to, we didn’t get off the field when we were supposed to, so if you look at Coach Horton and the mentality that they’re instilling in players like us, it’s going to be a fun year.”

Sorry, but there will be no see if the bark is worse than the bite jokes coming from me.