Bills LB Jerry Hughes Admits Involvement in Street Race

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When we reported on the street-racing antics of Buffalo Bills defensive tackle, Marcel Dareus, most people knew it was only a matter of time before other teammates would have their names added to the flames.

WIVB in Buffalo, NY is reporting that outside linebacker, Jerry Hughes has admitted to being  part of the alleged street race leading up to Dareus crashing his Jaguar, which spurred a police investigation. Hughes had this to say while speaking to the media this afternoon:

“I know the facts. I was there, I was involved in it, facts are the facts. When the Hamburg police get done doing their investigation and we get done doing this whole legal matter, the facts will come out. I don’t see it as being a distraction,” said Hughes. “It’s happening during the offseason. We’re not doing too much, but just getting ready for the season. We’re veteran players, we know how to conduct ourselves, we know how to get ready for this football season.”

The Hamburg police were investigating a black camaro, which was reported to be traveling at a high rate of speed, along with the jaguar Dareus was driving, and Hughes’ statements seem to indicate he may have been the driver.

While Marcel Dareus has been excused from the team until mandatory mini-camp, it is unclear at this time, if Hughes will see any punishment, however, it is clear that whatever message head coach, Doug Marrone is trying to send, it’s not being received by all.

[H/T WIVB Buffalo]