Bitcoin Bowl Added to College Bowl Season

Bitcoin Bowl

The Beef o Brady Bowl is no more. A new sponsor has emerged to rescue the annual bowl game played in in St Petersburg, Florida and it’s Bitcoin. If you aren’t familiar Bitcoin is a new type of cryptocurrency which is pretty well funded in the venture capitol world. It’s becoming more and more accepted as a form of payment but there are many critics.  Here are some details:

ESPN Events is expected to announce today that the cryptocurrency will star in the new Bitcoin St. Petersburg Bowl, thanks to a three-year sponsorship from payment services provider BitPay. Bitcoin holders can use the currency to purchase tickets and concessions at the game.

The game will also have new conference affiliations as the game will feature a team from the ACC and the AAC. It will be interesting to see if this is a one and done sponsorship or it actually becomes a thing. My guess is it depends on if this new currency really is the future of credit cards or it just becomes something that scam artists use on the internet.

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